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Auckland Flower Show November 2010 Eplants.co.nz Sharing the Experience

Gardens at the 2008 Auckland Flower Show


Kiwi Back Gardens

'Sustainability' theme with a capped materials budget in a 6m x 6m space.

Kia ora ai te wai 'make the water well'
Designer: Kirsten Sach, Landscape Design Ltd Ph 818-2827, 021-755 967
Sponsor: Auckland Regional Council www.arc.govt.nz This garden is a representation of how rain from your roof can be harvested and purified in your own backyard.

Create your own Eden
Design: Worms Rus Ph (09) 292-7759 www.wormsRus.co.nz
Sponsors: Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, North Shore City Council, Papakura District Council, Franklin District Council, Rodney District Council
Environmentally friendly ideas on recycling kitchen and garden organic waste to valuable fertiliser, using worm farms, compost and Bokashi systems producing healthy fruit and vegetables.

Kids Naturally
Design: Nick Beveridge & Waikowhai Intermediate School students
Sponsor: Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand. www.forestandbird.org.nz
A backyard experience through the eyes of Waikowhai Intermediate students, using imagination and creativity to conserve resources and provide a safe haven for native wildlife.

Kauri - Plants for the Future
Design: Avant Landscape Design Ph 027-518 3018
Exhibitor: Pukenui Park Nursery, Pukenui, Northland. pukenuipark@xtra.co.nz
Sponsors: Bakerboys Nursery, Kerikeri, Ancient Kauri Kingdom www.ancientkauri.co.nz  
The kiwi backyard meets the Kiwi's backyard - a sustainable garden integrating plants that support native wildlife as well as provide an appealing outdoor space.

Tropical Breeze Bar & Shower
Design: Jules Moore www.plantetearth.co.nz Ph 021-809-089
Sponsor: Brustics www.brustics.co.nz Ph (09) 478-2260
Innovative use of simple renewable resource, thatch, bamboo, and eucalypt; combines with a tropical garden reflecting the pacific expression of the Northern kiwi backyard.

Thatch Summer House Garden
Design: 'Atmosfleur' Patsy O'Malley & Chris Tabak Ph 0274-797-654 www.atmosfleur.co.nz
Sponsor: Brustics www.brustics.co.nz Ph(09) 478-2260
Traditional English elements combine with self-sustaining potager and romantic flora to create a useful and productive garden reflecting an evocative Southern kiwi backyard.

Meat & 2 Veg

Design: Pathfinders, Angelique Lambermon Ph 027-5197108 www.talc.co.nz  
In association with Lynn Cairney ph (09) 534- 1823 www.fusionlandscapedesign.co.nz
Exhibitor: Manukau City Council. contact Chris Beard, Manukau City Parks
This is a kiwi back garden with a twist. It's about sustainability, education and being practical. It's a concept that we want the people to embrace, learn and become part of.