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Auckland Flower Show November 2010 Eplants.co.nz Sharing the Experience

Gardens at the 2008 Auckland Flower Show


Resene Planted Borders

'Flowers in the Garden' with planting design recognised as an art in itself in a 6m x 3m space.

Lotus Enlightening
Design: Julie Moore  Ph 021-809-089 www.plantetearth.co.nz
 Cindy Nancarrow, Planting Solutions Ph (09) 814-9509
Sponsor: Plantet Earth Nursery Ph(09) 412-2689 www.plantetearth.co.nz
Experience a symphony of colour, form, and subtropical splendour. Harmonizing with nature’s beauty. Tune into our Lotus pods and they will become en-lightning.

A Taste of things to come
Design: Jules Moore Ph 021-809-089 , Cindy Nancarrow, Planting Solutions Solutions (09) 814-9509
Sponsor: Plantet Earth Nursery Ph (09) 412-2689 www.plantetearth.co.nz
'Thinking outside the square'. An alternative formal edible garden Visually Tasty with a 'mixed bowl' of delicious fruit fit for any salad. Refreshingly tantalizing.

Moved by Tides
Design: Landsape Design Company www.landscapedesign.net.nz 
Exhibitor: Naturally Native www.naturallynative.co.nz
Our coastal dunes need protection and restoration. A beachfront garden featuring Naturally Native coastal plants, including some unusual and endangered, graciously integrates with sand dune restoration species.

Design: Tania Barke 027-287 8592
Sponsor: Gardenza  www.gardenza.co.nz
A sub-tropical border to showcase Gardenza’s collection of rare and exotic bulbous plants, featuring stunning delights such as the fireball lily (Scadoxus multiflorus spp Katherine) amongst others.

Evolution Garden

Designer: Kararaina Barrett Ph (09) 815-8994, 021-821206
Sponsor: Coromandel Cacti www.cacti.co.nz
The Evolution Garden blends xerophytic exotics with our tough NZ natives, for dry water-conscious gardens. Environmentally safe, this garden also showcases the unique morphology of plants found in challenging environmental conditions.

The Pink Galaxy Garden

Designer: Dale Lanigan Ph (09) 428-3350 021-148 3959
Sponsors: Super Trees, Kaipara Coast Nurseries
This design is based on a galaxy in the outer reaches of the 'known' universe; evoking a response to the notion of infinity...

Between a Rock & a Shady Place

Design: John and Trish Uffindell
Exhibitor: Pepper Tree Nurseries Ph arrow.gif(07)868-9535
Maples, hostas, ligularias, and heucheras are used to show how leaf shape, texture and colour can be used to create a restful garden.