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Auckland Flower Show 2008 20--23 November

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News release from The Auckland Flower Show
9 July 2008

Gardening industry takes stake in Auckland Flower Show

The Nursery & Garden Industry Association (NGIA) has acquired an ownership stake in the Auckland Flower Show.

This ensures the New Zealand horticultural industry has an interest, now and for the future, in the presentation of a premier gardening event, according to Auckland Flower Show Ltd director Paul McLuckie.

Auckland Flower Show Ltd was established last year to ensure New Zealand retained the successful tradition of a flower and garden show based in Auckland.

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Auckland Flower show 2008

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That has been welcomed by NGIA, which is the representative body of the New Zealand garden industry. Its 500 members are made up of growers, garden centre retailers and the horticulture supply sector. NGIA president Peter Fraser says the association agrees with all the reasoning about why there should be a gardening event like this in Auckland.

"Auckland and surrounding areas provide a huge population, and gardening is a popular leisure and recreation activity. In addition, the facilities and layout at the new Alexandra Park venue are excellent and provide the opportunity to showcase this new gardening event. It's going to be fantastic."

Across the Tasman, the Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria has an ownership stake in the Melbourne Flower Show. “We talked to our Melbourne counterparts, and it’s clear the Melbourne Flower Show is a highly successful vehicle for their industry,” Mr Fraser says.

The NGIA will encourage its members to use the Auckland Flower Show to introduce new products and promote gardening at the “boom time” of year, in spring, Mr Fraser says.


For up to date information visit the Auckland Flower Show website and register. They also have early bird discounts