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Auckland Flower Show 2008 20--23 November

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News release from the Auckland Flower Show 5th November 2008

Pride of Lions on the landscape

Fearing their roar hasn’t been heard in a while, the Lions Club will get in behind this year’s Auckland Flower Show in a big way.

More than 300 Lions volunteers will take part in the show as hosts and helpers. Members of the Lions’ northern district, they will descend on Alexandra Park for the 20-23 November event from as far afield as the Far North and the Coromandel. According to the Vice District Governor, Colin Twyman, the Lions have been looking for an event they can embrace to re-establish awareness of the clubs.

“As a service club, we’re best known for the major fundraising we used to do for the Telethons. But that was some time ago, and while we’ve continued to do good work in our communities, we haven’t done a lot for our profile.”

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Auckland Flower show 2008

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At the Auckland Flower Show, the Lions will be an important resource, providing directions to the various attractions, assistance to disabled people, and generally acting as hosts.

Flower Show organiser Paul McLuckie says he’s delighted to have their support. “They will keep a well-oiled major event running smoothly.”

While this is primarily a “friend raising” exercise for the Lions, any funds raised will contribute toward its efforts to raise $500,000 for the Starship Oncology unit refurbishment.

The Auckland Flower Show takes place at Alexandra Park, 20-23 November 2008. On the web: www.theflowershow.co.nz